Submitting a project to the EMRIRB

Before a project proposal is submitted for screening, proponents must:

  • Register for an account on the Public Registry found at

  • Ensure that relevant regulatory agencies have been contacted and informed of the proponent’s application with the EMRIRB. The proponent must contact all regulatory agencies potentially responsible for issuing any autho­rizations associated with the project proposal. This includes any letter, permit, license, lease, certificate, or other written or verbal communication that autho­rizes a project, or a component thereof, to proceed. It is important to note that a project proposal may require more than one authorization.

  • Ensure that any permits, licenc­es, and allowances associated with the project proposal are not issued until after the EMRIRB has submitted its approval and recommendations to the respon­sible Minister(s). Proponents may submit applications for licenses, permits, or approvals concurrently with their application to the EMRIRB. However, these authori­zations cannot be issued until the screening process is complete.

  • Public participation in the impact assessment process should occur as early as possible and at each step of the process. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that proponents invite Cree input right at the beginning of their project planning.

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PDF Guides


Guide 1

Introduction to the Impact Review Board


Guide 2

Project Proposal Submission and Screening Process


Guide 3

Review Process


Guide 4

Project Monitoring


Guide 5

Terminology and Definitions Glossary

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