Eeyou Marine Region

Impact Review Board

The Impact Review Board screens and reviews project proposals to assess their potential impacts in the Eeyou Marine Region


The EMRIRB is the institution with the mandate, competence, and credibility to assess, in close collaboration with Cree communities, governments, and stakeholders, the environmental and social impacts of proposed projects in the Eeyou Marine Region.

The Eeyou Marine Region Impact Review Board is an Institution of Public Government established under the Eeyou Marine Region Land Claims Agreement (EMRLCA). The EMRLCA was signed by the Grand Council of the Crees, the Government of Canada, and the Government of Nunavut on July 7, 2010, and came into effect on February 15, 2012. The EMRLCA is a comprehensive land claims agreement that sets out the respective rights of Canada and the Cree in regard to the Eeyou Marine Region (EMR). The EMR is located in eastern James Bay and southeastern Hudson Bay. It covers approximately 61,270 square kilometres and affects the lives of 17,146 Cree that live on the mainland in northern Quebec. As set out in the Agreement, the Cree own approximately 80% of the land mass in the EMR, some jointly with the Inuit and some by themselves. In addition, the Cree have access, hunting, fishing, and trapping rights to the 20% of lands set aside for Canada. As part of the Agreement, the Crees and the Government of Canada also agree to the regulation of land use, hunting, fishing, trapping, and development in the EMR. With the coming into force of the Agreement, three Institutions of Public Government were created pursuant to Chapters 8, 13, and 18 of the EMRLCA, namely the Eeyou Marine Region Planning Commission (EMRPC), the Eeyou Marine Region Wildlife Board (EMRWB), and the EMRIRB.


Public Registry

The Public Registry is a repository of all information related to project proposals in the EMR. Project proponents must register for an account on the EMRIRB Public Registry to submit a project proposal. Interested parties can also search the Public Registry to stay up to date on all EMRIRB Projects.



All project proposals in the EMR are assessed by the EMRIRB though screening to determine if they should be allowed to proceed and whether they require a formal review. The EMRIRB is also responsible for monitoring all accepted projects. For more details on these processes, consult this section.


Public Participation

Public participation is an important element of an open, honest, and balanced impact assessment process. Consult this section to learn more about how you can participate in the assessment process and how your comments help the EMRIRB make its final decisions about proposed projects.

Eeyou Marine Region Maps

Eeyou Marine Region

Cree/Inuit offshore overlapping interest area